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As one of the ten oldest produce brokerage firms in the United States, G. W. Palmer & Company continues an eighty-five year tradition of reliability, integrity, and service to our customers.  We have never strived to be the largest brokerage firm possible, just the best, and to do so we have remained the most “hands-on” company in the industry.  That is why we insist on giving our personal mobile phone numbers to every shipper, trucker, and dock foreman we can, insuring that mistakes get resolved before they become problems.  This is true whether you are dealing with our home offices in Tennessee or those across the nation, from California to Florida and New York.

Please go to our Contact page for any information you might need in order to get in touch. 

If, on the other hand you are curious about the G. W. Palmer company and how we might be of benefit to your business, please call Alston Palmer or Parks Dixon at our home office in Memphis, TN and see what we have to offer.  Whether as a shipper you are interested in increasing your distribution or as a receiver you are in need of reliable deliveries we might just be the perfect fit.




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